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Why is Atlas so passionate that their plans are some of the best out there?

We do our best to remove as much Wall Street greed out of the 401(k) Plans.
Why do companies choose Atlas – Service, Unbundled Solution and Flexibility for Asset Choices.

Why does Atlas Wealth Management offer 401(k) plans?

We have been setting up company retirement plans for a while and more and more clients and potential clients wanted a 401(k) plan (or to switch away from their provider), but needed to lower fees and have better asset choices for the participants. After some time to research and get the right partners in place our 401(k) plan offerings have been well-received. We offer an “unbundled” plan for maximum flexibility, transparency of fees and an ETF asset lineup designed to provide participants with greater long-term return with less fees and equal to or greater performance than Mutual Funds.  An “unbundled” plan is an offering that is gaining more traction over the last several years because it reduces Wall Street greed and favors Plan Sponsors and Participants, which is why Atlas has been growing their 401(k) retirement services. Most companies are “truly” not aware that they are paying higher than industry average fees for administration of the plan and not being reimbursed for 12b-1 fees. We are very different in our approach and in our offerings. Consider a 401(k) Review and Benchmark for your current plan to get a “baseline” of where you stand for fees, performance, service and fiduciary compliance.

Fiduciary Responsibility

Atlas is an authority with Fiduciary Responsibility whether it pertains to the Advisor, Plan Sponsor or Participant level.  Many companies are not familiar with their role as a fiduciary or how to avoid a potential DOL audit.  Atlas keeps their clients updated on current and future fiduciary requirements and setups a checklist to make sure key areas of the 401(k) Plan are in compliance. Atlas acts as a: 3(38) – Atlas works with the Plan Sponsor on plan structure consulting, asset lineup creation along with monitoring and conducting the annual Investment Committee.  Atlas partners with a TPA (Third-Party Administrator) to file all necessary government forms and perform all compliance testing required (Top Heavy, ACP and ADP). 3(21) – Atlas works with the participants to help them become “Retirement Ready”.  We provide but not limited to the following 3(21) fiduciary services; Enrollment, group and one-on-one education, financial planning and retirement coaching.

Increasing Participation

Atlas will provide at least 5 methods to increase participation.  These can be provided as strategies, but will provide the tactical assistance to implement them to the participants.  WE KNOW that flexibility, greater options and knowledge will increase participation and help with attraction and retention of employees.

REAL Education and Support

We offer comprehensive education on the 401(k) Plan, the Investment Choices and understanding the best ways to save for Retirement. Education will be provided in both classroom instruction and one-on-one. We can offer annual, semi-annual and/or quarterly on-site meetings and availability to the participants. If needed for remote workers and other regional or national locations we can provide educational webinars. On-line Web Access Account support is 24/7. Atlas personnel is available to answer account and investment questions 8am – 5pm EST. On-site or Phone appointments can be setup outside of normal hours and the weekend based upon availability. We will try to be flexible with all participants (and their family’s) schedule.

Request Benchmarking Reports

This “independent” report uses YOUR information* along with DOL (Department of Labor), Morningstar and Lipper databases to provide you key Benchmarking information.

Comprehensive Plans

We offer a comprehensive list of ETFs and some Mutual Funds and have researched the ones with some of the lowest Expense Ratio’s (Fees) and Mutual Funds with low or no 12b-1 Fees. If there are 12b-1 Fees, they are 100% reimbursed back to the Plan Sponsor (company) every quarter.

Top Notch Partners

We have sought out some of the most reputable and knowledgeable partners to make sure there are some of the lowest administrative fees for your 401k plans, including but not limited to TPA (Third Party Administrator), Record Keeper and Custodian.

Targeted Portfolios

We offer “Model Portfolio’s” that provide simplicity to the average participant based upon their Life Stage and their account balance to choose the best portfolio without trying to review and understand all the asset choices. Atlas will provide the education and fiduciary guidance to the participants.