Investment Advice

Navigating the perceived murky waters of investments can be a daunting task. It's our job to understand your needs, objectives and risk tolerance to achieve your financial goals. We have a long-term approach to investing. The advice we provide will determine the right allocation and specific investments for your portfolio. There are many approaches to investing and each person has different needs. We have determined that our proposed investment plan will be a prudent approach along with active management that ends up as the best strategy.

Retirement Planning

Starting with the end in mind, we need to know what your anticipated financial needs are when you want to retire. Many people don't want to stop working when they reach a certain age, but the proper strategic planning can give you the option to determine if you want to continue to work. Having options when you retire will help reduce stress and provide a happier lifestyle. Planning for retirement is an on-going life process and plan and should be revisited once per year to make sure you are on target. The secret to building wealth over the long-term is "Consistent Contributions and Reinvesting Dividends".

Estate Planning

Protecting your assets against market volatility and creditors along with reducing tax burden and determining what you can pass on to your next and future generations. It is essential for to live your life the way you want. Setting up a Trust or Estate should be considered, but you need to look into the right combination of equity and debt assets, along with determining the right Life Insurance that makes sense for your family and to cover your current debt and assets. Annuities should also be a part of overall estate planning to protect you from the volatility of the stock market and provide guaranteed income. Estate Planning will provide you a peace of mind to live the life you want to live.